BBQ Rental - No Catering

Rent one of our mobile BBQs for your next event and do your own grilling

Got a big bbq and just need a grill with no catering? Rent one of our mobile charcoal bbqs for your event, and be your own bbq pit boss.

Our bbqs are an 8ft mobile charcoal bbq pit with the option to cook on grills or on a rotisserie. This BBQ is large enough to cook ~350-400 individual pieces of chicken or pork at a time, or if using the rotisserie the BBQ can cook 2 whole pigs or ~400lbs of beef.

Base cost is $850, and $50/hr for the duration of the rental period.
Rental bbqs are stored at our Truro and PEI locations. Price does not include delivery, but delivery can be arranged at an additional cost if required.
Price does not include any catering services. BBQ rental only.
Any damage to BBQ will be assessed on return and repair costs will be the responsiblity of the renter.

Rental inventory is limited. Please contact us to confirm availability.